The Experiences of A Few Clients

“Your handling of my predicament was flawless! You stopped the attacks within a few days of arriving. You also created a safer and happier workplace, enabling all of us to keep our attention focused on production. The immediate result was that our gross income reached the highest ever in our 12-year history. THANK YOU!”

“Your integrity, experience, discretion and savvy make you uniquely qualified for what you do. That someone like you actually exists, blows my mind. You are a rare resource who never backs down in the face of often-overwhelming odds. No matter what, you simply persist. In those dark moments when I want to give up, it’s your persistence and guidance that pulls me out of it. “Having your help and input has made all the difference in the world to me. Without you, I didn’t honestly think I’d make it to the other side of this predicament. With you, I have. You have my deepest gratitude and respect.”

“A friend of mine recommended Shelly. Within a few days of his arrival, definite changes started occurring. Our production that week went into the stratosphere. The owners and staff were in better moods than they had been in months. The black cloud was gone! Even though his work had just started, we all felt safer than in months. We finally were able to refocus our attention back onto our expansion program and servicing our clients. Thanks again.”

“Anyone involved in business today understands that they are fighting against evil.  It shows up in employees who can’t produce a product consistently. It shows up in disputes among the staff.  It shows up in disgruntled former partners who constantly tell your publics how badly you’ve treated them.

“In confronting and handling these situations, I find it helpful to have a trained and enthusiastic warrior at my side. That warrior, for me, is Shelly Bauer. He has the training and experience necessary to guide me through a standard handling of each situation. Sometimes, his advice coincides exactly with what I would have done. Other times, he is better able to remain outside the situation than I, and thus recommends a more standard handling than what I would have attempted. In my experience, his handlings always work.

“Since we have begun using Shelly, every problem we have encountered has been handled quickly and painlessly. There is much less noise in the business, and everyone is able to concentrate on their jobs and get their work done. Most of us are now producing highest ever statistics on a regular basis. Shelly is an integral part of this winning team. Signed, Unanimous”